Fundraising Committee

Description:  Hammond PTC does 2-3 fundraisers per year.  This year we are planning to sell Entertainment Books and Cookie Dough.  Students are responsible for selling the product and Hammond receives a percentage of the profits.


Volunteer Responsibilities Include:  Working together with fundraising companies to seek the best deal for our school.  Set up fundraiser, distribute information and supplies, collect money, deliver the product to the classrooms.  The coordinator will work directly with the PTC President and Treasurer.


Time Commitment:  Coordinator will spend 15-20 hours per fund raiser.  Volunteers could help for as little as one hour, up to 10 hours per fund raiser.


Box Tops for Education

Description:  Hammond PTC participates in the national Box Tops for Education program, funded by General Mills.  We receive $.10 for every Box Top we turn in.  We have had tremendous success the last 2 years with our Box Tops program (earning an average $2500 per year).  We run monthly collection contests with prizes as incentives for students and staff to turn in Box Tops.


Volunteer Responsibilities Include:  Requesting and gathering donations from our community to be used as prizes.  Creating, copying and distributing monthly themed collection sheets for the contests.  Making large collection envelopes w/ Box Tops logo for each teacher and placing them in classrooms.  Collecting Box Tops weekly and recording student and class totals on class spreadsheets.  Assembling Box Tops submission, which includes checking expiration dates, counting, and putting them in bundles of 50.  Announcing prize winners and distributing prizes.


Time Commitment:  Depending on the tasks you help with, the time commitment can be anywhere from 2-10 hours per month.



Enrichment Classes

Description:  Hammond PTC will be organizing and funding after-school enrichment classes this fall.  Students will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of topics for their class.  Students will pay a small fee and the PTC will pay the remainder, as well as pay the instructors.


Volunteer Responsibilities Include:  Soliciting instructors to teach classes, creating fliers/registration form for students, advertising in newsletter/reader board, organizing classroom use schedule, coordinating transportation for students, etc.


Time Commitment:  3-5 hours each session (Fall/Spring)

Family Movie Nights

Description:  Hammond PTC sponsors FREE family movie nights in the Hammond gym.  We plan to show movies every other month


Volunteer Responsibilities Include:  Selecting a movie and reserving the gym space & video equipment.  Creating, copying & distributing fliers to students to advertise the event.  On the night of the movie, we will need several volunteers to help check in families, set up chairs, run the video equipment, monitor student behavior & safety, and clean the gym afterward.


Time Commitment:  Planning:  ½ hour every 2 months.  On movie nights: 2+ hours
Summer Library Program

Description:  Hammond PTC sponsors a summer reading program for Hammond students for 8 weeks in the summer.  This program is funded entirely by the Box Tops for Education program.  Each week students come for an hour & a half program where they have the opportunity to listen to a guest reader, participate in crafts & activities, check out books, eat a snack, and earn prizes for hours they read.


Volunteer Responsibilities Include:  Planning committee meets 3-4 times in the spring to plan the program.  Some of the planning committee jobs are:  choosing a theme, designing the reading log, creating guest reader sign-up sheets, creating the student registration form, buying prizes for the Book Buck store, organizing a guest reader schedule, creating a spreadsheet of registered students, copying & assembling the reading log, purchasing snacks & supplies, etc.


Time Commitment:  For the planning committee, approximately 10-20 hours over the course of several weeks in the spring.  For the volunteers who help during the summer, 2 hours every week for 8 weeks.
Hammond School Store

Description:  Hammond's school store offers school supplies and healthy snacks for students to purchase on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.


Volunteer Responsibilities Include:  Pulling the school store cart out of the storage and returning it when finished, making change for students, and supervising the line of students waiting to make a purchase.


Time Commitment:  8:25-8:50 a.m. on the mornings you volunteer (Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday)

**Please indicate which day(s) you'd like to work at the store and how often.
Artist in Residence

Description:  Hammond PTC is sponsoring an Artist in Residence program to augment the art instruction that students receive.  A local artist will spend approximately 1 week in each classroom.


Volunteer Responsibilities Include:  Communicating with Salem Art Association and a team of Hammond Teachers to set up a schedule and theme that works for our school, Advertising in the newsletter, working together with the artist to provide materials and support.


Time Commitment:  5-10 hours in September/October.

Teacher Appreciation

Description:  Hammond PTC honors our teachers by providing a special gift or food for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week in May.


Volunteer Responsibilities Include:  Working with other volunteers to decide on a theme or idea for our gift, purchasing the gift, setting up any materials, etc.


Time Commitment:  1-3 hours in May
Teacher Conference Meals

Description:  Hammond PTC provides meals for teachers during both nights of conferences in the Fall and Spring.


Volunteer Responsibilities Include:  Communicating regularly with meal volunteers, purchasing paper products & supplies needed for meals, cooking/providing tasty & healthy food for teachers, setting up & decorating the staff room, cleaning up after the meals, etc.


Time Commitment:  1 hour for meal volunteers, 10 hours for coordinator

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